Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to leave a message for my child?

The best way for your child to receive a message during the school days is to call the front office at (512) 704-0600.  They will be sure your student receives the message before the school day is out.  Leaving messages on the classroom phone or teacher e-mail is not the best option, as the messages are not always checked until the end of the work day.

What is the procedure for picking up my child early?

Students must sign in/out when arriving after the tardy bell or leaving before the dismissal bell.  Students who have reason to leave early during the day (such as illness/appointments) must be signed out in the front office by a parent/guardian or person listed as an emergency contact.  Students may not sign themselves out and go home alone.  Students will not be sent to the office until the teacher receives a call from the front office.

If I have concerns/questions, how do I get them addressed?

Often times most concerns can be handled through a note, phone call or e-mail.  After hours, a teacher can orchestrate conference calls without any problems.  To request this contact, you may leave a voice mail, e-mail, or note for your child’s teacher.  If this does not work you may contact your child’s teacher about scheduling an in-person meeting.

My child has lost his/her library/lunch card, what do we do?

Please send in $3.00 and the library will replace it.  The lunch cards are on lanyards that the children are to ear during lunch times so they won’t be lost.  Please encourage your child to keep this around his/her neck while out of the classroom.  These cards should remain at school; if one makes its way home, please return it immediately.

How can I schedule a conference?

You can schedule a conference by contacting the teacher via written note, e-mail, or phone.  The teacher will then contact you regarding available dates and times for the conference.

Can visits occur before/after school without a prior appointment?

While your questions and concerns are important as well as the well-being of every student in our class, please refrain from the ‘pop-your-head-in-the-door meetings’ while children are in our immediate care.  Your children’s safety and education are very important, and they are in our care beginning at 7:35AM until 2:45PM.

Can I access my child’s grade/attendance from home?

The Home Access Center is a browser-based student information system that allows parents/guardians to view student information such as: demographics, attendance data, class schedules, discipline incidents, student process, and report card grades.

There is also a downloadable app to allow you to access this information from your phone or tablet. For information please visit RRISD’s Home Access Center page.
If you are new to the district and need to set up a Home Access Center account please visit Home Access Center  to register your account. Instructions for obtaining the passwords are posted on the HAC page on the District’s website

Can my child bring electronics or cards for recess?

Electronic games/toys, cameras/equipment, radios, tape recorders, laser pointers, and portable electronic music devices will not be permitted on campus or school. Any of the above items brought to school by a student will be kept in the school office and may be picked up by a parent.  Items may be held in the school office until the conclusion of the school year.  Game cards and other items commonly traded or exchanged are also not permitted on campus.  Buying, selling or trading anything of this nature on campus is prohibited.  The school is not responsible for the replacement of any confiscated, lost of stolen items.